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About MNF Wellness Solutions

MNF Wellness Solutions was founded by retired military sergeant Michael Flannery who was diagnosed with Type II diabetes early in his life. Determined to find a solution, Michael began researching the disease and discovered some startling trends about his own health and society as a whole. He began studying and applying nutrition information and holistic practices that vastly improved his life and returned his vitality and fitness. Today, Michael is a certified Lifestyle Health Specialist who is passionate about sharing his discoveries with others to improve their lives.

As a United States Marine Corps veteran, Michael is a natural leader with a unique perspective and an understanding of what it takes to motivate others to success. His experience has taught him that training and repetition are the keys to permanent lifestyle change. Unlike many trainers who may have never experienced the drawbacks of disease or lack of fitness, Michael Flannery knows first-hand the challenges you are facing. He also knows the real, actionable methods that got him back into shape can help you in your fitness journey, too.

Together with certified Personal Trainer William Krieger, Michael has applied his understanding and passion for naturally healing the body through proven nutrition and exercise techniques. The result is a growing organization dedicated to helping more people achieve their fitness goals, no matter their age, background or condition.

MNF Wellness Solutions specializes in helping those who struggle with weight loss, health issues,
chronic diseases and obesity.

What makes MNF Wellness Solutions unique and different from other lifestyle health coaches is that we look at the balance and synergy of systems in the body, understanding the pain and frustration of ditching the diets, conquering the cravings and overcoming the food addictions.
-Michael Flannery

Their programs are designed to help people create a continual Lifestyle Plan, allowing them to eat more and weigh less, thereby maximizing nutrient density naturally and boosting the body’s defenses to live longer, stronger and disease free.

Through compassionate hearts and gentle discipline, MNF Wellness helps clients cultivate a Positive Mindset, discover Proper Nutrition, and enjoy Perpetual Fitness. As a result, many clients have experienced miraculous changes in their Spirit, Soul and Body.

MNF Wellness Solutions believes it’s never too late for a Lifestyle Intervention.