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With a positive Mindset
proper Nutrition
and perpetual Fitness
You can live a
longer, healthier life

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Take control of your health and fitness once and for all with a lifetime wellness plan that's about so much more than going to the gym or watching your calories. MNF Wellness Solutions combines holistic lifestyle and training practices with Michael Flannery’s and William Krieger’s real-world experience to help you conquer health challenges, reverse disease and achieve your fitness goals. Plus, we provide the support you need to get and stay on course for a lifetime!

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The first step is building a positive mindset to prepare for the journey ahead and propel you towards any goal you set.



Your body needs the right fuel to perform at its best. We'll show you how the right foods increase your energy and heal your body from the inside out.



The final phase of our program will help you condition your body for ultimate performance, no matter what that means for you.


MNF Wellness Solutions is proud to be a certified Veteran-Owned Business


As a United States Marine Corps veteran, Michael is a natural leader with a unique perspective and an understanding of what it takes to motivate others to success. His experience has taught him that training and repetition are the keys to permanent lifestyle change. Unlike many trainers who may have never experienced the drawbacks of disease or lack of fitness, Michael Flannery knows first-hand the challenges you are facing. He also knows the real, actionable methods that got him back into shape can help you in your fitness journey, too.

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MNF Wellness Solutions

  • - Lifestyle Positioning System - 12 Mo. Signature Program
  • - The 10-Day Detox Full-Body Jumpstart
  • - Specialized Integrative and Optimal Fitness Programs
  • - MNF Lifestyle T2 Preventative Program

All programs include books, DVDs, materials, handouts, and recipes.

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By using food as medicine, you can actually eat your way to a healthy lifestyle.
-Michael Flannery